The Secret of Buying Qualified Solid Wood Furniture
The Secret of Buying Qualified Solid Wood Furniture

The solid wood furniture not only can please the people’s eyes, but also can protect the environment. Therefore, it is welcomed by the middle and high grade customers. While the board furniture is cheap and has lively effect, but the density board it used contains formaldehyde. It is harmful for people’s health for long time touching. Through comparing, most customers are willing to buy the solid wood furniture at a high price.

The problems that often happen when buying solid wood furniture

Stealing concept

Because of the environment protection concept, the wood is becoming a rare source. Therefore, even for the most common solid wood furniture , it is three times higher than the board furniture. While, there are lots of complaints on this kind of products.

The manufactures that have been complaint did not mix up truth with falsehood, but using vague concept. The most frequent one is that the salesman told the customer that the cabinet made by solid wood, but customer found out that it was not solid wood. When arguing with the salesman, the customer was told that the frame of the cabinet was solid wood. As to the surface and back board, though they were high density board, they pasted solid wood peel on the surface.

Decomposition of the price

In recent years, the furniture business starts to polarization. The qualified companies focus on the middle and high grademarket. Some small companies for the sake of possess the market, so they take advantage of customers’ seeking cheap psychology. That is to say, they adapt decomposition the price, inferior material acting as superb material to cheat customers. What is worse, some companies subcontract their business to the guerrilla and get some management fees. You can tell the skills from the guerrillas. They do not expect the reputation but the profit. Even worse condition is that some companies change the materials for their profit. For example, though the flooring tiles are bought under monitoring. But it could be replaced by the inferior ones at the endif you do not take it seriously.

Four things you need to check when buying solid wood furniture

First, see the certificates and make sure that they have all of them

You had better go to the stores with all the certificates. And you should check out the quality and environmental protection promise they made. The business license is a must and proofs for their promises.

Second, see the contract and pay attention to the self-clause.

Do not easily believe the oral saying by the salesman when buying furniture, it requires to use the unified buying and selling furniture contract. You should check the content carefully such as the type, style and material. What is more, do not neglect the self-clause. Some stores draw up some requirements which have no good to the customers.

Third, ask for the invoice

After deciding the price through a log time bargaining, some salesman may not give you the invoice for there is no profit for them if giving the invoice. They just give you the receipt. Some customers for the sake of cheap price will give up the invoice. However, if the quality problems occur, the force of law of receipt is much smaller than the invoice.

Four, see the common seal

After buying the furniture in the shopping mall, you may ask a common seal from the front desk if possible. For some brands will leave when they reach the lease. You can get an extra insurance form the shopping mall.