London Pest Control

There is no getting around the fact we all have to share the planet with critters such as ants, beetles, flies, fleas, rodents and bees, to name just some of them. While they can be a nuisance when they want to invade our personal space, there are steps that can be taken to eliminate or minimize their effect.

There are telling tale signs a pest may be present before they are even seen. Even if you are not sure of their presence, an inspection from a reliable and experienced London pest control specialist will reveal their presence or the potential of their invasion. No matter if the pests have already moved in or the conditions are right to spawn their infestation, the pest control specialist will track them down and recommend the necessary steps to alleviate the situation.

If pests have taken up residence in your space, the most common treatment is extermination by one of several methods. It would be nice if the pest control specialist could render a cease and desist order and have the pests leave on their own, but that will never happen. The extermination method used will depend on the kind of pests present.

The most common extermination method is to spray a chemical that is noxious and toxic to the pest. The goal is to get to the leader of the pack and kill off the group. There are chemicals that are environmentally friendly to everything but the pests, however, there are chemicals that will ring the bell and are not safe to be used in the presence of humans.

Extermination usually requires the human occupants of the premise to remove themselves while the extermination process is taking place and to remain removed for a certain amount of time after the completion of the treatment.